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Toli Ekadashi wishes quotes shubhakankshalu wallpapers in Telugu Toli Ekadasi Wishes and Greetings in Telugu language

Vishnu Sahasranama: (1000 names of Vishnu)

Shlokha 1:

1. Vishvam: He who is the Universe, reason for Universe, the entire being.
2. Vishnu: He who isAll Pervading, Omnipresent, Remover of darkness
3. Vashatkara: One who controls and directs
4. Bhuta-Bhavya-Bhavat-Prabhu: Lord of past, present and the future.
5. Bhuta-Krit: Creator of all beings.
6. Bhuta-Bhrt: The sustainer of all beings.
7. Bhavah: He who exists with all the splendor and independent of anything else.
8. Bhutatma: The Atma or soul of all beings
9. Bhuta-bhavanah: One who nourishes and nurtures all beings.

 Shlokha 2:

10. Putatma: One who has a pure Atma.
11. Paramatma: The Supreme Soul.
12. Muktanam Parama Gatih: One who is the ultimate goal for all Souls
13. Avyayah: He who is Indestructible and who gives moksha
14. Purushah: One who existed before anything else, one who completes existence.
15. Sakshi: One who directly witnesses everything.
16. Kshetrajnah: One who can direct to the place to reach supreme bliss.
17. Akshara: One whose greatness never diminishes.
Shlokha 3: 

18. Yogah: One who alone is the definite and unobstructed means to salvation.
19.  Yogavitam neta: One who leads those who practice yoga until they reach their Goal.
20.  Pradhana Purusha Isvarah: One who is the Lord of Primordial Matter as well as the Jivas.
21.  Narasimha Vapuh: One who possesses a body of man and lion combined.
22.  Sriman: One with a lovely form.
23.  Kesavah: One with lovely locks of hair.
24.  Purushottamah: The Supreme amongst the Purushas
 Shlokha 4:

25. Sarvah: One who is all
26. Sharvah: The Remover of all sins.
27. Shivah: One who confers auspiciousness.
28. Sthanuh: One who is gives blessing to the devotees.
29. Bhutadih: Source of the Pancha Bhoota.
30. Nidhiravyayah: One who is the never ending treasure.
31. Sambhavah: One who manifests in any form to those who sincerely seek Him.
32. Bhavanah: One who regenerates all
33. Bharta: One who supports all
34. Prabhavah: One whose birth is of a sublime nature.
35. Prabhuh: who is all powerful.
36. Isvarah: One who has the supreme power of control
Shlokha 5:  

37. Svayambhuh: He who manifests Himself by His own free will.
38. Shambhuh: One who causes happiness to everyone by the beauty of His appearance
39. Adityah: One who is the Adityas.
40. Pushkarakshah: The Lotus-eyed.
41. Maha-Svanah: He of the venerable sound
42. Anadi-Nidhanah: One who is without beginning or end.
43. Dhata: The creator
44. Vidhata: The producer
45. Dhaturuttamah: One who is the best
Shlokha 6:
46. Aprameyah: One who cannot be defined but who can only be experienced
47. Hrshikesah: Controller of the sense-organs
48. Padma-Nabhah: One from whose navel the universe emanates.
49. Amara-Prabhuh: The Lord of the immortal gods.
50. Visva Karma: The Creator of the Universe.
51. Manuh: The Great Thinker
52. Tvashta: One who created all the different forms and names in this Universe
53. Sthavishthah: One who is huge in size
54. Sthavirah: One who has always existed
55. Dhruvah: One who is unaffected by Time, Unchanging, Permanent.
Shlokha 7:
56. Agrahyah: One who is beyond understanding
57. Shashvatah: One who is eternal.
58. Krshnah: One who has a dark-blue complexion and all attractive
59. Lohitakshah: One with eyes red like the beautiful lotus flower.
60. Pradrdanah: The Destroyer.
61. Prabhutah: One who is endowed with wisdom and greatness
62. Tri-kakud-dhama: Master of three worlds
63. Pavitram: Purity Incarnate.
64. Mangalam Param: The Embodiment of Supreme Auspiciousness.
Shlokha 8:
65. Isanah: The controller.
66. Pranadah: Giver of life
67. Pranah: Life force
68. Jyeshthah: Oldest
69. Sreshthah: Most praise-worthy.
70. Prajapatih: Lord of mankind.
71. Hiranyagarbah: He who resides in a lovely Abode.
72. Bhugarbhah: Protection of the Earth
73. Madhavah: who is born in the race of a Yadhava called Madhu and for whom there is no Lord
74. Madhusudhanah: The slayer of the evil demon called Madhu.
Shlokha 9:
75. Isvarah: The God
76. Vikram: The most courageous and powerful
77. Dhanvi: The wielder of the bow
78. Medhavi: One who has good memory
79. Vikramah: One with great strides such as in the Vamana incarnation
80. Kramah: One who is the basis for the order in the Universe
81. Anuttamah: One for whom there is nothing superior or better.
82. Duradharshah: One who cannot be overcome by others
83.  Krtajnah: One who is grateful
84.  Krtih: One who leads to good deeds
85.  Atmavan: The real owner of souls
Shlokha 10:
86. Suresah: The Lord of all the other gods.
87. Saranam: One who is the Refuge
88. Sarma: One who is Bliss.
89. Visvaretah: The seed for the Universe.
90. Prajabhavah: One from whom all beings have originated.
91. Ahah: Protector of Devotees
92. Samvatsarah: He who lives for the upliftment of His devotees.
93. Vyalah: One who is beyond grasp
94. Pratyayah: One who can be relied upon
95. Sarvadarsanah: One who shows his grace to all
Shlokha 11:
96. Ajah: Unborn and the Remover of all obstacles
97. Sarvesvarah: One who is the isvara for all isvaras.
98. Siddhah: One who is reachable and knowledgeable.
99. Siddhih: The Goal.
100. Sarvadih: The Origin or Cause of all things.
101. Acyutah: One who undergoes no changes like birth, decay etc.
102. Vrishakapih: One who lifted the Earth in the form of Varaaha.
103. Ameyatma: One whose nature cannot be comprehended.
104. Aarva yoga vinissritah: One who is beyond any attachment.
Shlokha 12:
105. Vasuh: One who dwells in the hearts of His devotees.
106. Vasumanah: One who has good mind
107. Satyah: The Truth.
108. Samatma: One who has a balanced mind.
109. Sammitah: The One Truth who is accepted by the Rsihis and revealed in the Upanishads.
110. Samah: One who treats all His devotees equally.
111. Amoghah: One who always gives fruits to those who worship him.
112. Pundarikakshah: One whose eyes are beautiful like the lotus flower.
113. Vrishakarma: One who is of righteous actions.
114. Vrishakriti: One who is an embodiment of dharma.
Shlokha 13:

115. Rudrah: One who destroys misery.
116. Bahu-sirah: One who is multi-headed
117.  Babhruh: The Supporter.
118.  Visva-yonih: The cause of this world
119.  Suci-sravah: One who listens to words which are pure
120.  Amritah: One who is nectar to His devotees.
121.  Sasvata-sthanuh: One who is Eternally Firm.
122.  Vararohah: One who is the most supreme object of attainment.
123.  Maha-tapah: One who is endowed with great knowledge.
Shlokha 14:
124. Sarva-gah: One who reaches all.
125. Sarva-vit: One who is the All-knower.
126. Bhanuh: One who shines.
127. Vishvak-senah: One who has his army for the protection of all.
128. Janardanah: One who destroys the wicked and protects people.
129. Vedah: One who is the embodiment of scriptures.
130. Vedavit: The true knower of the meaning of the vedas
131. Avyangah: One who has no imperfections.
132. Vedangah: One who has Vedas as his body
133. Vedavit: One who knows the true meaning of Vedas
134. Kavih: One who cognizes beyond ordinary perception.
Shlokha 15:
135.  Lokadhyakshah: Lord of the worlds
136.  Suradhyakshah: Master of the devas
137.  Dharmadhyakshah: Master of dharma
138.  Kritakritah: The giver of blessings
139.  Caturatma: One whose Self has a four-fold manifestation.
140.  Catur-vyuhah: One with four forms
141. Catur-damshtrah: Four teeth.
142. Catur-bhujah: One with four arms.
Shlokha 16:
143. Bhrajishnuh: One who is effulgent.
144. Bhojanam: One who is the object of enjoyment.
145. Bhokta: One who Enjoys
146. Sahishnuh: The Forgiver.
147. Jagadadijah: He who was born at the beginning of the Universe.
148. Anaghah: One who is uncontaminated and pure
149. Vijayah: One who is victorious
150. Jeta: The conqueror
151. Visva-yonih: The Cause of the Universe.
152. Punarvasuh: One who lives again and again as the antaratma of all his creations.
Shlokha 17:
153. Upendrah: One who appeared as the younger brother of Indra.
154. Vamanah: One with the Dwarf form
155. Pramsuh: one who is big
156. Amoghah: One whose acts are never purposeless.
157. Sucih: One who is Pure.
158. Urjitah: One who is endowed with good strength
159. Atindrah: One who is lord of Indra.
160. Samgrahah: He who is easily reached
161. Sargah: The creator of Himself.
162. Dhritatma: The supporter of all the jivatmas.
163. Niyamah: The Controller.
164. Yamah: The Ruler.
Shlokha 18:
165. Vedyah: He who can be realized.
166. Vaidyah: The knower of vidya
167. Sada-yogi: One who is in constant yogic meditation
168. Vira-ha: The slayer of wicked
169. Madhavah: The propounder of the knowledge of the Supreme Being.
170. Madhuh: One who is like honey to His devotees.
171. Atindriyah: He who is beyond the range of the sense organs.
172. Maha-mayah: One who is possessed of wonderful power of enchantment.
173. Mahotsahah: One who is of great enthusiasm.
174. Maha-balah: One with immeasurable strength
Shlokha 19:
175. Maha-buddhih: He of infinite knowledge.
176. Maha-vIryah: He of great virility and strength
177. Maha-Saktih: Of immense power.
178. Maha-dyutih: He of great splendor.
179. Anirdesya-vapuh: He who possesses an indescribable body.
180. SrIman: Possessed of beauty.
181. Ameyatma: He of an incomprehensible nature.
182. Mahadri-dhrit: The bearer of the great mountain.
Shlokha 20:
183. Maheshvasah: The discharger of great arrows and wielder of bows
184. Mahi-bharta: The bearer of the earth.
185. Srinivasah: In whom Lakshmi resides.
186. Satam-gatih: The Ultimate Goal for all spiritual seekers.
187. Aniruddhah: One who cannot be obstructed by anyone.
188. Suranandah: One who gives delight to the gods.
189. Govindah: One who is praised by the gods
190. Govidam patih: The protector of those who know the Vedas.
Shlokha 21:
191. Maricih: Ray of light.
192. Damanah: One who directs in correct path
193. Hamsah: One who is like the swan.
194. Suparnah: One possessed of charming feathers
195. Bhujagottamah: The Master of the Serpent AdiSesha.
196. Hiranya-nabhah: One who supports in His navel the creator, hiranyagarbha.
197. Sutapah: One who is possessed of supreme knowledge.
198. Padmanabhah: One who has the lotus emanating from his navel
199. Prajapatih: The Lord of beings.
Shlokha 22:
200. amrityuh: One who is beyond death or decay.
201. sarvadrik: One who can see-everyting.
202. simhah: One who is The Lion
203. sandhata: One who unites His devotees with Him and responsible for fruits of their actions.
204. sandhiman: One who is always united with His devotees.
205. sthirah: One who is firm in His relation to His devotees.
206. ajah: One who is Unborn
207. durmarshanah: The Unassailable.
208. sasta: The Teacher.
209. visrutatma: One whose Atma is of a special Nature.
210. surari-ha: The slayer of the enemies of the gods.
Shlokha 23:
211. gurur-guru-tamah: One who is the foremost among the preceptors.
212.  dhama: One who is The Abode of all desired things.
213. satyah: One who is The Truth.
214. satya-parakramah: One who is of great valor.
215. nimishah: One whose eyes are closed.
216. animishah: One with eyes closed.
217. sragvi: Adorned with the garland.
218. vacaspatih: The Lord of Speech.
219. udara-dhih: One with vast knowledge.
Shlokha 24:
220. agranih: One who leads forward.
221. gramanih: Leader of the demi-gods.
222. sriman: one who is The Lord of Mahalakshmi.
223. nyayah: One who is The Just.
224. neta: One who fulfills the requests of His devotees.
225. samiranah: One who controls all movements in beings.
226. sahasra-murdha: One who is the thousand-headed.
227. visvatma: One who is the very soul of the Universe.
228. sahasra-akshah: One who is the thousand-eyed.
229. sahasra-pat: The thousand-footed.
Shlokha 25:
230. avartanah: He who turns the wheel of worldly life or samsara.
231. nivrittatma: He whose mind is turned away from worldly desires.
232. samvritah: He who remains hidden.
233. sampra-mardanah: The dispeller of darkness.
234. ahah-samvartakah: The regulator of time.
235. vahnih: One who is the bearer of fire.
236. anilah: One who is the Giver of life-breath.
237. dharani-dharah: The bearer of the Earth.
Shlokha 26:
238.  su-prasadah: The Giver of good favors.
239.  prasannatma: He with a delightful nature.
240.  visva-srit: The Creator of the Universe.
241.  visvabhug-vibhuh: He who pervades all things and protects them.
242.  satkarta: He who honors the good.
243.  satkritah: He who is worshipped by the sadhus.
244. sadhuh: One who carries out the wishes of his devotees.
245.  jahnuh: The Concealer.
246.  narayanah: The Supporter of all the souls.
247.  narah: He who is imperishable.
Shlokha 27:
248. asankhyeyah: One whose attributes are Innumerable.
249. aprameyatma: One who cannot be known through knowledge.
250. visishtah: He who is Superior.
251. sishta-krt: He who makes His devotees eminent.
252. Sucih: One who is Pure.
253. siddharthah: One who is in possession of all desirable things.
254. siddha-sankalpah: One whose wishes are always fulfilled.
255. siddhi-dah: The bestower of siddhi-s or super-human powers.
256. siddhi-sadhanah: One who makes the means for siddhi pleasant.
Shlokha 28:
257. vrishahi: One who shines in the form of dharma.
258. vrishabhah: He who showers his grace.
259. vishnuh: One who pervades everything.
260. vrisha-parva: He who has provided the steps of dharma to reach Him.
261. vrishodarah: One who has dharma as his belly.
262. vardhanah: He who nourishes.
263. vardhamanah: He who grows.
264. viviktah: He who is unique.
265. sruti-sagarah: He who is the sea where all Vedas take us.
Shlokha 29:
266. su-bhujah: One with majestic arms.
267. dur-dharah: One who is difficult to comprehend
268. vagmi: He who has words which are praise-worthy. 
269. mahendrah: The God of Indra and other gods.
270. vasu-dah: The Giver of wealth.
271. vasuh: He who is Himself the wealth sought by those who have realized the Truth.
272. naika-rupah: He who is of Infinite forms.
273. brihad-rupah: He who is of an immense form.
274. Sipi-vishtah: He who pervades the rays.
275. prakasanah: One who illumines everything.
Shlokha 30:
276. ojas-tejo-dyuti-dharah: One who is endowed with strength, vigor and brilliance.
277. prakasatma: He of a nature that is well-known to all.
278. pratapanah: He who destroys his enemies.
279. Rddhah: He who is full in all respects.
280. spashya-taksharah: He of clear words.
281. mantrah: One who represents the mantras.
282. candra-amsuh: He who is possessed of the effulgent rays like those of the moon.
283. bhaskara-dyutih: He who has the effulgence of the sun.
Shlokha 31:
284. amrta-amsu-udbhavah: The source of nectar-rayed moon.
285. bhanuh: The lustrous Sun or One who is Radiant.
286. sasabinduh: One who controls the paths of the planets and the stars.
287. suresvarah: The Lord of the gods.
288. aushadham: The Medicine.
289. jagatah-setuh: The bridge for crossing the ocean of samsara.
290. satya-dharma-parakramah: One whose qualities and valor are always true.
Shlokha 32:
291. bhuta-bhavya-bhavan-nathah: The Lord of all in the past, present and future.
292. pavanah: He who moves like the wind.
293. pavanah: He who purifies everything.
294. analah: One who always confers good
295. kama-ha: The Destroyer of desires.
296. kama-krt: One who creates desirable things, and also fulfils the desires.
297. kantah: He who is charming.
298. kamah: One who is Lovable
299. kama-pradah: The Grantor of wishes.
300. prabhuh: One who has the supreme power to attract the minds of all towards Himself.
Shlokha 33:
301. yugadi-krt: The Creator at the beginning of a yuga.
302. yugavartah: He who revolves the yugas.
303. naika-mayah: He who is responsible for wonders.
304. mahasanah: He who is a voracious eater. 
305. adrsyah: He Who cannot be seen.
306. vyakta-rupah: He of a manifest form.
307. sahasra-jit: The Conqueror of thousands.
308. ananta-jit: One whose victory is endless.
Shlokha 34:
309. ishTah: One who is liked by everyone.
310. aviSishTah: He who is impartial to everyone.
311. SishTeshTah: He who is dear to eminent persons.
312. SikhanDI: He who wears a peacock feather.
313. nahushah: One who binds.
314. vRshah: He who is the embodiment of dharma.
315. krodha-hA: He who does not have anger.
316. krodha-kRt: He who developed anger.
317. kartA: He who slays.
318. visva-bahuh: He who has arms for the good of the world.
319. mahI-dharah: The Supporter of the world.
Shlokha 35:
320. acyutah: He who does not fall from His status.
321. prathitah: One who is famous and with great reputation.
322. pranah: The Life-Breath.
323. prana-dah: The Life-Giver.
324. vasavanujah: The younger brother of vasava or indra.
325. apam-nidhih: The Sustainer of the waters of the ocean.
326. adhishthanam: The Support.
327. apramattah: The Vigilant.
328. pratishthitah: He who is self-dependent.
Shlokha 36:
329. skandha: He who destroys.
330. skanda-dharah: The Supporter of skanda.
331. dhuryah: The Supporter.
332. vara-dah: The Grantor of boons.
333. vayu-vahanah: He who has Vayu as His vehicle.
334. vasu-devah: He who pervades everywhere
335. brhad-bhanuh: He who has brightness
336. adi-devah: The First Deity.
337. purandarah: The Destroyer of the sufferings.
 Shlokha 37:
338. a-sokah: The dispeller of sorrows.
339.  taranah: He who takes others to the other shore.
340. tarah: The Savior.
341. surah: The Valiant.
342. saurih: The son of valiant people.
343. janesvarah: The Lord of the people.
344. anukulah: One who is within bounds.
345. satavartah: He who has several incarnations to sustain dharma
346. padmi: He who carries the lotus in His hand.
347. padma-nibhekshanah: One who has eyes which resemble the lotus.
Shlokha 38:
348. padma-nabhah: One with a lotus-like navel.
349. aravindakshah: The Lotus-eyed.
350. padma-garbhah: He who is installed in a lotus.
351. sarira-bhrt: The Protector of the bodies of everyone through food and life-energy.
352. maharddhih: He of immense riches.
353. rddhah: One who keeps growing; Prosperous.
354. vrddhatma: One who is full-grown.
355. mahakshah: One with Great Eyes.
356. garuda-dvajah: One who has Garuda in His banner.
Shlokha 39:
257. atulah: One who is the Incomparable.
358. sarabhah: The Destroyer of evil.
359. bhimah: The Formidable.
360. samayajnah: The Knower of the conventions.
361. havir-harih: Hari who is the recipient of the havis offered in the yajna.
362. sarva-lakshna-lakshanyah: He who is the abode of all the auspicious qualities
363. lakshmIvan: He who is always with Lakshmi.
364. samtinjayah: He who is victorious in battles.
Shlokha 40:
365. viksharah: He who never wanes.
366. rohitah: He who is of red complexion.
367. margah: He who is sought after.
368. hetuh: The Cause.
369. damodarah: One who was tied around His waist by ropes by Yashodha.
370. sahah: He who has patience.
371. mahidharah: The Supporter of the Earth.
372. mahi-bhagah: He who is extremely Fortunate.
373. vegavan: He who is quick.
374. amitasanah: The voracious Eater
Shlokha 41:
375. udbhavah: He who removes and is beyond the bondage of samsara.
376. khsobhanah: The Creator of beauty.
377. devah: He who is the light.
378. srI-garbhah: He who has Lakshmi in Him in the form of the Universe.
379. paramesvarah: The Supreme God.
380. karanam: The Means.
381. karanam: The Cause
382. karta: The Agent.
383. vikarta: He who undergoes modifications.
384. gahanah: He who is deep.
385. guhah: The Savior.
Shlokha 42:
386. vyavasayah: The Pivot of the solar system.
387. vyavasthanah: The basis.
388. samsthanah: The final end.
389. sthana-dah: The Giver of the Supreme Abode.
390. dhruvah: The fixed pole star.
391. pararddhih: He who is full of noble and auspicious qualities.
392. parma-spashtah: He whose greatness is explicit.
393. tushtah: He who is full of happiness.
394. pushtah: He who is full of noble qualities.
395. subekshanah: He who has auspicious eyes.
Shlokha 43:
396. ramah: He who delights others.
397. viramah: He before whom all become powerless.
398. virajo-margah: He who shows the flawless path.
399. neyah: He who lets Himself be governed by devotees
400. nayah: He who draws everyone towards Himself.
401. anayah: He who cannot be spirited away.
402.  virah: Valiant
403. saktimatam-sreshthah: The Greatest among the powerful.
404. dharmah: Virtue Incarnate.
405. dharmavid-uttamah: The foremost among those who are conscious of dharma.
Shlokha 44
406. vaikunthah: Remover of obstacles to merge the soul.
407. purushah: The Purifier.
408. pranah: The vital life -breath.
410. pranamah: He who deserves to be worshiped.
411. prthuh: Well-known.
412. hiranya-garbhah: He who delights everyone’s heart.
413. satru-ghnah: The Slayer of the enemies.
414. vyaptah: He who is full of love and affection.
415. vayuh: He who moves towards devotees.
417. adhokshajah: He whose prominence does not get diminished.
Shlokha 45:
417. rtuh: He who is the Seasons
418. sudarsanah: He who provides auspicious vision.
419. kalah: He who measures everyone’s karma and doles out the phala.
420. parameshthi: He who resides in the Supreme Abode, Sriviakuntham.
421. parigrahah: He who takes all with Him.
422. ugrah: The Formidable.
423. samvatsarah: He in whom everything resides.
424. dakshah: He who is quick in action.
425. visramah: The Place of Rest.
426. visva-dakshinah: He who is well-disposed towards all.
Shlokha 46:
427. vistarah: He who is spread out in everything.
428. sthavar-sthanuh: He who is tranquil after establishing the dharma.
429. pramanam: The Authority.
430. bijam-avyayam: The Seed Imperishable.
431. arthah: The Goal
432. anarthah: He who is not the goal for some.
433. maha-kosah: He who has a great treasure.
434. maha-bhogah: He who has objects of great enjoyment.
435. maha-dhanah: He of great wealth.
Shlokha 47:
436. anirvinnah: He who is never despondent.
437. sthavishthah: He who is Immense.
438. bhuh: The supporter.
439. dharma-yupah: He who is united with dharma.
440. maha-makhah: The Great yajna-svarupi.
441. nakshatra-nemih: He who makes the stars move.
442. nakshatri: He who is the stars.
443. kshamah: He who is competent.
444. kshamah: He who is in a diminished form.
445. samihanah: He who establishes and assigns duties to all others.
Shlokha 48:
446. yajnah: The Sacrifice.
447. ijyayah: He who is the only to be worshipped.
448. mahejyah: He who is the best among all to be worshipped.
449. kratuh: He who is to be worshipped through the sacrifices called kratus.
450. satram: He who is worshipped by the sacrifice called satram.
451. satam gatih: The Goal of the pious.
452. sarva-darsI: The one who knows and can see everything.
453. nivrttatma:  He whose mind is turned away from worldly desires.
454. sarvajnah: The Omniscient. 
455. jnanam-uttamam: The Greatest Knowledge.
Shlokha 49:
456. su-vratah: He who protects anyone who surrenders.
457. su-mukhah: He with a charming face.
458. sukshmah: Subtle, delicate and difficult to comprehend.
459. su-ghoshah: He who is praised by the delightful voice of the Vedas.
461. su-hrt: The good-hearted and a true Friend.
462. mano-harah: He who captivates the heart.
463. jita-krodhah: He who has overcome anger.
464. vira-bahuh: He of mighty arms.
465. vidaranah: He who cuts the sins of His devotees.
Shlokha 50:
466. svapanah: He who lulls people into sleep.
467. sva-vasah: He who is under His own control.
468. vyapi: The Pervader.
469. naikatma: He of diverse forms.
470. naika-karma-krt: He who performs diverse acts.
471. vatsarah: He who lives within all beings and in whom everything resides.
473. vatsi: He who possesses lots of calves and children
474. ratna-garbhah: He who is in possession of abundant wealth.
475. dhanesvarah: The quick giver of wealth.
Shlokha 51:
476. dharma-gup: He who protects dharma.
477. dharma-krt: He who induces His devotees to follow dharma.
478. dharmi: He who has dharma as an instrument.
479. sat: He who is commendable.
480. aksharam (sat): He whose existence is never diminished or destroyed in any way.
481. a-sat: That which does not exist now, but existed in the past as well as future.
482. asat-ksharam: He who moves away from the bad.
483. avijnata: The Non-cognizant.
484. sahasramsuh: He who has a thousand rays
485. vidhata: The Supreme Controller.
486. krta-lakshanah: He who has prescribed the distinguishing characteristics for the pious.
Shlokha 52:
487. gabhasti-nemih: He who has the effulgent cakra as His weapon.
488. sattva-sthah: He who is in the hearts of the devotees.
489. simhah: He who took the nrisimha form.
490. bhuta-mahesvarah: The Supreme Lord of all beings.
491. adi-devah: He who is the first cause and is endowed with effulgence.
492. maha-devah: The greatest god.
493. devesah: The Ruler of Gods.
494. deva-bhrit: The Supporter of gods.
495. guruh: The teacher.
Shlokha 53:
496. uttarah: The Savior of devotees
497. go-patih: The Master of all words
498. gopta: The Savior.
499. jnana-gamyah: He who is to be realized by knowledge.
500. puratanah: The Ancient.
501. sarira-bhuta-bhrit: He who supports all the tattvas which constitute the sarira
502. bhokta: The Enjoyer.
503. kapindrah: The Lord of the monkeys.
504. bhuri-dakshinah: The giver of liberal gifts.
Shlokha 54:
505. somapah: He who drank the soma juice after performing sacrificial offerings in His Rama incarnation.
506 – amritapah: The drinker of nector.
507. somah: The Nectar orThe moon.
508. puru-jit: The Conqueror of all.
509. puru-sattamah: He who remains with the great.
510. vinayah: The Subduer.
511. jayah: He who is victorious.
512. satya-sandhah: He whose promises are always true.
513. dasarhah: He who is worthy of gifts.
514. sattvatam-patih: The Lord of the sattvatas.
Shlokha 55:
515. jivah: He who gives life to His devotees.
516. vinayita: He who shows the path to everyone.
517. sakshi: The witness.
518. mukundah: He who gives moksha.
519. amita-vikramah: He of boundless valor.
520. ambho-nidhih: He who has the waters as His abode
521. anantatma: The Inner Soul of ananta.
522. mahodadhi-sayah: He Who is reclining in the vast ocean.
523. antakah: He Who brings out the end of all.
Shlokha 56:
524. ajah: He who is not born.
525. maharhah: He who is worthy of worship.
526. svabhavyah: He who is to be meditated upon by those who belong to Him.
527. jitamitrah: a) He who helps His devotees conquer enemies such as anger, kamam, ahamkaram, mamakaram, etc.
528. pramodanah: He who is always joyful.
529. anandah: He Who is Bliss.
530. nandanah: The Bliss-Giver.
531. nandah: He Who is full of things that are Blissful.
532. satya-dharma: He Who performs His dharma truthfully.
533. tri-vikramah: He Who pervades the three Vedas and worlds.
Shlokha 57:
534. maharshih: The Great Seer.
535. kapilacaryah: He Who is a teacher.
536. krtajnah: He Who remembers the good deed done.
537. medinipatih: The Lord or Protector of the Earth.
538. tripadah: He Who is in the form of pranava mantra with three letters.
539. tridasadhyakshah: The Savior of the thirty-three gods.
540. maha-sringah: The Big-tusked Varaha.
541. kritantakrit: He who kills death himself.
Shlokha 58:
542. mahavarahah: He Who appeared in the form of the Great Boar.
543. govindah: One who is praised by the gods.
544. sushenah: He who is equipped with a body with suddha sattva sakti.
545. kanakangadi: He Who is adorned by armlets of gold.
546. guyhah: He who is concealed.
547. gabhirah: He who is deep or mysterious.
548. gahanah: He who is beyond comprehension and Inexplicable.
549. guptah: He who is hidden.
550. cakragadadharah: The bearer of the discus and the mace.
Shlokha 59:
551. vedhah: The Provider.
552. svangah: He who is both the Instrumental Cause and the Material Cause of the Universe.
553. ajitah: He who is unconquered, and unconquerable.
554. krshnah: One who is always in a state of Bliss and the Dark-hued.
555. drdhah: He who assumes firm and concrete vyuha forms for the benefit of His devotees
556. sankarshanah: He who draws others near Him.
557. acyutah: One who never slips from His glory
558. varunah: He who envelops.
559. varunah: He who is with those who have sought Him as their Lord or svami.
560. vrikshah: He who provides shade like a tree
561. pushkarakshah: He who has beautiful lotus-like eyes.
562. maha-manah: He who has a great mind.
Shlokha 60:
563. bhagavan: He who is worthy of worship.
564. bhagaha: He who is possessed of auspicious qualities.
565. nandi or anandi: He who has nanda as His father
566. vanamali: He who has the vanamala garland.
567. halayudhah: One who has the plough in His hand. 
568. adityah: who was son of Aditi in her previous birth.
569. jyotir-adityah: The Resplendent Sun
570 sahishnuh: He who is endowed with enormous patience.
570. gati-sattamah: The best instructor in the path of dharma.
Shlokha 61:
572. sudhanva: He Who has a splendid bow.
573. khanda-parasuh: He with the broken axe.
574. darunah: He who is merciless to those who deviate from the path of virtue.
575. dravina-pradah:  The Bestower of wealth.
576. divisprk:  He who touches the skies.
577. sarvadrk: He who is in the form of knowledge of all forms.
578. vyasah: He who arranged the Vedas and the puranas
579. vacas-patih: The Master of words.
580. ayonijah: The Unborn.
Shlokha 62:
 581. tri-sama: He who is propounded by the three-fold Sama Veda.
582. sama-gah: The singer of Sama.
583. sama: He who removes the sins of those who sing about Him.
584. nirvanam: He who is the cause of Bliss to His devotees.
585. bheshajam: The Remedy.
586. bhishak: The Physician.
587. sannyasa-krt: He who leads you to sanyassa.
588. Samah: He who instructs on how to control anger.
589. Santah: He whose mind is always tranquil.
590. nishtha: The object of concentration.
591. santih: Peace and the object of meditation.
592. parayanam: The Ultimate Means.
Shlokha 63:
593. Subhangah: He Who has a handsome form.
594. santi-dah: The bestower of eternal peace.
595. srashtA: The Creator.
596. ku-mudah: He who is happy in His relation to this world in various forms.
597. kuvalesayah: He who is reclining in the waters surrounding this earth.
598. gohitah: He who looks after the welfare of the world.
599. gopatih: The Lord of the Celestial world.
600. gopta: The Protector.
601. vrshabhakshah: He who is the Support for the cycle of samsara in the form of dharma.
602. vrshapriyah: He who is dear to the virtuous.
Shlokha 64:
603. anivarti: He Who does not turn away from dharma under any circumstance.
604. nivrttatma: He whose Nature is superior to everything.
605. samkshepta: He who constrains or limits.
606. kshema-krt: He who does what is good for His devotees.
607. sivah: He who gives auspicious things to His devotees.
608. srivatsa-vakshah: He who has the Srivatsa mole on His chest.
609. srI-vasah: The Abode of Lakshmi.
610. srI-patih: The Consort of Lakshmi
611. srImatam-varah: The Best Among those who possess affluence and knowledge.
Shlokha 65:
612. Sridah: The Giver of Glories.  om Sridaya namh.
613. SriSah: He Who is the lord of Sri.
614. Srinivasah: He who is in The Abode of Lakshmi
615. Srinidhih: He in whom lakshmi or wealth resides.
616. Srivibhavanah: He who owes His greatness to Lakshmi.
617. Sridharah: The Bearer of Sri.
618. Srikarah: He who is with Lakshmi in his incarnations.
619. sreyas-sriman: He who has Lakshmi who is resorted to by devotees for attaining the good.
620. loka-trayasrayah: He Who is the Resort for all three worlds.
Shlokha 66:
621. svakshah: The Beautiful-Eyed.
622. sva’ngah: The Lovely-bodied.
623. SatAnandah:  He of infinite Bliss.
624. nandih: He who is ever delighted.
625. jyotir-gaNeSvarah: The Lord of the host of lustrous deities
626. vijitAtmA: He whose mind has been conquered by devotees.
627. vidheyAtmA: He who has the jiva-s as subservient to Him.
628. sat-kIrtih: He of true renown.
629. chinna-samSayah: The Dispeller of all doubts.
Shlokha 67:
630. udirnah: He Who visibly manifests Himself through His incarnations.
631. sarvatash-cakshuh: He Who is visible to the eyes of all.
632. anisah: He Who has no one above Him as the Master.
633. sasvata-sthirah: He Who is eternally existent and steady.
634. bhusayah: He who lies inside every one of His creations as their antaryami.
635. bhushaNah: He Who becomes adorned
636. bhutih: He Who is the personification of Glory
637. asokah: He Who is without sorrow.
638. sokanasanah: The Destroyer of sorrows.
Shlokha 68:
639. arcishman: He Who has great luster.
640. arcitah: He Who is worshipped. 
641. kumbhah: He Who shines in this world.
642. visuddhatma: He of a pure nature.
643. visodhanah: The Purifier.
644. aniruddho:  One who cannot be restricted.
645. apratirathah: The Matchless.
646. pradyumnah: He Who illumines the jivas.
647. amitavikramah: He of immeasurable steps.
Shlokha 69:
648. kalaneminiha: The destroyer of the wheel of ignorance of Time.
649. saurih: The son of Sura
651. sura-janesvarah: The Chief of the sura-s or the valiant people.
652. tri-lokatma: He Who is the atma for everything in all the three worlds.
653. tri-lokesah: The Ruler of the three worlds.
654 kesavah: One who has beautiful locks of hair.
655. kesiha: He who killed the asura by name Kesi.
656. harih: The green-hued.
Shlokha 70:
657. kama-devah: The One who grants all desires.
658. kama-palah: The Protector of those who desire Him.
659. kami: He who is of fulfilled desires.
660. kantah: He Who is charming.
661.krtagamah:  The Revealer of the sacred mantra-s to the pure-minded.
662. anirdesya-vapuh: He of indefinable form.
663. vishnuh: The Pervader.
664. virah: The Valiant.
665. anantah: The Limitless.
666. dhananjayah: He Who surpasses all other wealth in being desired.
Shlokha 71:
667. brahmanyah: He who is beneficial to anyone pursuing Brahman.
668. brahma-krt-brahma: The Creator Who created Brahma
669. brahma: The Supreme Brahman, Paramatma.
670. brahma-vivardhanah: He Who grows and nurtures everything in a big way
671. brahmavit: The Knower of the Vedas.
672. brahmanah: The Instructor of the Vedas.
673. brahmi: He who possesses all the brahmanic qualities
674. brahmanjah: The Knower of the inner meaning of the Vedas.
675. brahmana-priyah: He Who is specially liked by the brahamanas.
Shlokha 72:
676. mahakramah: He Who provides easy step-by-step access for the elevation of His devotee.
677. mahakarma:He of great actions.
678. mahatejah: He of great Resplendence.
679. mahoragah: He Who has the serpent ananta as His bed.
680. mahakratuh: He Who is worshiped by the great yagas.
681. mahayajva: He Who performs great sacrifices.
682. mahayajnah:  He Who manifests Himself in the form of the best of yajnas.
683. mahahavih:  He Who is worshiped with supreme oblations.
Shlokha 73:
684. stavyah: He Who is worthy of praise.
685. stava-priyah: He Who is pleased by the praise in whatever form it is offered.
686. stotram: The ultimate chant.
687. stutah: He Who is praised.
688. stota: He Who praises those who extol Him.
689. rana-priyah:  He Who delights in battle.
690. purnah:  He Who is complete.
691. purayita: The Fulfiller of the desires of His devotees.
692. punyah: The Purifier.
693. punya-kirtih:  He Whose kirti or praise is also purifying
694. anamayah: He Who is beyond pain or suffering
Shlokha 74:
695. mano-javah: He Who is swift as thought.
696. tIrtha-karah: He Who is the source of the holy waters.
697. vasu-retah: The Source of Luster.
698. vasu-pradah: The Giver of Treasure.
699. Vasu-Pradah: The giver of glory.
700. vasu-devah: The presiding Deity of the dwadasakshari 12-lettered vasu-deva mantra.
701. vasuh: The Dweller in the hearts of His devotees.
702. vasu-manah: He Who has a pure mind without any afflictions.
703. havih:  He who is the Sacrificial Offering.
Shlokha 75:
704. sadgatih:  He Who who provides the right path for the good.
705. satkrtih: He who is full of good actions.
706. satta: Existence Incarnate.
707. sadbhutih: He Who is endowed with rich glories
708. satparayanam: The Support for the good.
709. sura-senah: He with a valiant army.
710. yadu-sreshthah: The pre-eminent among the Yadavas.
711. sannivasah: The Abode of the saintly.
712. suyamunah: He Who lifts up and protects the jivas during the time of pralaya.
Shlokha 76:
713. bhutavasah: He Who is the abode of all creatures.
714. vasudevah: He who is the light
715. sarvasunilayah: The Abode and support of all souls.
716. analah: He Who is never satisfied that He has done enough for His devotees.
717. darpaha:  The Destroyer of pride.
718. darpa-dah:  The Bestower of beauty and attractiveness in everything.
719. adrptah:  He Who is not proud Himself.
720. durdharah: He Who is difficult to control
721. aparajitah:  The Invincible.
Shlokha 77:
722. visvamurtih: He Who has the Universe as His body.
723. mahamurtih: He of Immense form
724. diptamurtih:  He with a shining form.
725. amurtiman: He Who has no fixed Forms
726. anekamurtaye: He of many forms.
727. avyaktaha:  He Who cannot be easily realized.
728. Satamurtisa: He with a hundred forms.
729. satanana: He Who is many-faced.
Shlokha 78:
730. Ekah: One Who is Unique and matchless in all respects.
731. naikah: He Who is not One only.
732. sah: He Who spreads knowledge.
733. vah: The Dweller.
734. kah: He Who shines.
735. kim: He Whose praise is sung by His devotees,
736. yat: That Which already exists.
737. tat: He Who increases the kIrti of His devotees.
738. padam anuttamam: The Supreme Goal.
739. loka-bandhuh: One to Whom everything is bound since He is their Support.
740. loka-nathah: The Protector of the world.
741. Madhavah: The Consort of Lakshmi.
742. bhakta-vatsalah: Affectionate towards the devotees
Shlokha 79:
743. suvarna-varnah: The golden-hued.
744. hema’ngah: He of golden-hued limbs.
745. vara’ngah: He Who displayed His Divine Form to devaki in response to her prayers.
746. candana’ngadI: He Who is adorned with delightful armlets.
747. viraha: The Slayer of the strong demons.
748. vishamah: He Who destroyed the effect of the poison that was consumed by rudra during the churning of the Milk Ocean.
749. sunyah: He Who is without any attributes
750. ghrtasIh: He Who sprinkles the world with prosperity
751. a-calah: He Who is unshakable against His enemies.
752. calah: He Who moves
Shlokha 80:
753. a-manI: He Who is not proud.
754. mana-dah:  He who honors others
755. manyah: The Object of honor.
756. loka-svamI: The Master of the Universe.
757. tri-loka-dhrt:  He who supports the three worlds
758. su-medhah: He who has good intentions.
759. medha-jah: He who was born as a result of a sacrifice.
760. dhanyah: The Blessed.
761. satya-medhah: He of true thoughts
762. dharadharah: He Who supports the earth.
Shlokha 81:
763. tejo-vrshah: He Who showers His splendor on His devotees in the form of His protection.
764. dyuti-dharah:  He Who is like a majesty.
765. sarva-Sastra-bhrtam-varah: The Best among those warriors who are armed with all weapons. O
766. pragrahah: The Controller.
767. nigrahah: He Who has a firm control over all creation.
768. vyagrah:  He Who has no end.
769. naika-sr’ngah:  He Who has many rays of effulgence radiating from Him.
770. gadagrajah: The elder brother of gada
Shlokha 82:
771. catur-murtih:  He of Four Forms.
772. catur-bahuh: The Four-armed.
773. catur-vyuhah: He of the form of four forms
774. catur-gatih: He Who is in the form of the four purusharthas.
775. catur-atma: He Who has four forms in His vyUha incarnation.
776. catur-bhavah: The Source of the four – varnas, asramas, purursharthas, etc.
777. catur-veda-vit: He Who is the Knower of the four Vedas.
778. eka-pat: He Whose manifestation in the form of this Universe is only one-fourth of Himself.
Shlokha 83:
779. samavartah: He Who takes incarnations again and again for the benefit of His devotees.
780. nivrttatma: He whose mind is turned away from worldly attachments.
781. dur-jayah: He Who is Invincible.
782. dur-atikramah:  He Who cannot be bypassed by those who seek relief from samsaraw
783. dur-labhah: He Who is difficult to attain for those who are not single-minded in their devotion to Him.
784. dur-gamah: He Who is difficult to attain because of His Effulgence.
785. dur-gah: He Whose realization is constrained by our own limitations.
786. dur-avasah: He whose place of residence (Sri vaikunTham) is not easy to attain.
787. durari-ha: The Dispeller of the evil-minded enemies. 
Shlokha 84:
788. Subha’ngah: He with an auspicious form that is meditated upon by His true devotees.
789. loka-sara’ngah: He Who is reachable through the essence (sara) of the vedas, namely pranava. And is the object of devotion (loka-sara).
790. su-tantuh: He Who has expanded this Universe starting from Himself.
791. tantu-vardhanah: He Who augments the expansion of Himself into this world, by protecting it.
792. indra-karma: He Who is responsible for the powers of indra.
793. mahA-karma: He of magnanimous actions.
794. krta-karma: One Who has achieved all there is to achieve.
795. Krtagamah: The Propounder of spiritual texts.
Shlokha 85:
796. udbhavah: He Who rose above samsara.
797. Sundarah: He Who is handsome.
798. sundah: He Who is soft to His devotees.
799. ratna-nabhah: He with a gem-like navel.
800. su-locanah: One with beautiful eyes.
801. Arkah: He Who is praised.
802. vaja-sanih: He Who provides for the nourishment of all His creation.
803. sr’ngi: He Who had a horn in His matsya and varAha incarnations.
804. jayantah: The Conquerer.
805. sarva-vij-jayI: He Who is Omniscient and Victorious.
Shlokha 86:
806. suvarna-binduh: He Who has a beautiful form with golden-colored beautiful limbs
807. a-kshobhyah: He who is unshaken by desire.
808. sarva-vag-isvara-isvarah: The Lord of all who have a mastery over all words.
809. maha-hradah: He Who has created the great oceans so that the earth does not become completely dry and perish.
810. maha-gartah: The Great Charioteer of mahabharata fame.
811. maha-bhutah: He Who considers great men as His own.
812. maha-nidhih: He Who has the great treasure in the form of His devotees. 
Shlokha 87:
813. kumudah: He Who is on this earth with delight by enjoying the association with His devotees.
814. kundarah: The Bestower of the knowledge of the Supreme Reality
815. kundah: He Who cleanses the sins of His devotees.
816. parjanyah: He Who bestows His blessings on the devotees like the rain-cloud.
817. pavanah: He Who is the forrn of the wind.
818. anilah: He Who is easily accessible to His devotees
819. amrtasah: He Who feeds His devotees with the Nectar –
820. amrta-vapuh: He of a Nectar-like body.
821. sarvaj~nah: He Who knows all.
822. sarvato-mukhah: He Who has faces on all sides.
Shlokha 88:
823. su-labhah: He Who can be easily attained.
824. su-vratah: He Who has taken a good and strong vow.
825. siddhah: He Whose protection is ever available for his devotees.
826. Satru-jit-satru-tapanah: He Who occupies the bodies of Satru- jits to torment His devotees’ enemies.
827. nyag-rodhodumbarah: He Who has the most auspicious SrI vaikuntham as His abode and He Who is ‘above the sky’
828. asvattah: He Who has established the demi-gods for performing various functions
829. canurandhra-nishudanah; He Who slew the wrestler by name canura.
Shlokha 89:
830. sahasrarcih: The Thousand-rayed who illumines everything in this Universe.
831. sapta-jihvah: The seven-tongued.
832. saptaidhah: One Who is kindled in the form of fire by the seven kinds of offerings.
833. sapta-vahanah: He Who has seven vehicles in the form of the seven Vedic mantra-s represented by the seven horses of the Sun:
834. a-murtih: He Who does not have a body that is affected by karma
835. an-aghah: He Who is of blemishless character.
836. a-cintyah: He Who cannot be completely comprehended in our minds.
837. bhya-krt: He Who causes fear.
838. bhaya-nasanah: He Who destroys fear.
Shlokha 90:
839. anuh: He Who has the power of being smaller than anything small that is known to us.
840. brhat: The Great.
841. krsah: He Who is lighter than the light and is thinner than anything thin
842. sthulah: He Who is immense.
843. guna-bhrt: He Who supports the three guNa-s of sattva, rajas, and tamas.
844. nir-gunah: He Who is bereft of the common qualities and has special flavours.
845. mahan: He Who is supreme in everything.
846. a-dhrtah: The Unconstrained.
847. sva-dhrtah: He Who is Self-sustained and superior
848. svasyah: He Who has a glorious status and is superior over the mukta-s.
849. prag-vamsah: He Who is the cause of the eternally free souls
850. vamsa-vardhanah: He Who keeps His progeny growing
Shlokha 91:
851. bhara-bhrt: He Who shoulders the burden.
852. kathitah: He Whose greatness is extolled by all the Vedas, Puranas, etc.
853. yogI: He Who is endowed with super-human powers.
854. yogisah: He Who is the foremost Lord of all yogins.
855. sarva-kama-dah: He Who bestows all desires.
856. asramah: He Who provides an abode of rest for the seekers.
857. Sramanah: He Who makes it possible to continue the effort of uncompleted yoga in the next birth.
858. ksamah:  He Who alone is left behind at the time of pralaya.
859. suparnah: One Who has beautiful wings and He has suparna – Garuda as His vahana.
860. vayu-vahanah: He Who makes the wind flow for the benefit of sustaining life.
Shlokha 92:
861. dhanur-dharah: The wielder of the bow.
862. dhanur-vedah: The Propounder of the science of archery.
863. dandah: He Who is verily the weapon (power) of yama – the danda.
864. damayita: The Subduer of the enemies of His devotees.
865. a-damah: He Who is not subdued by anyone.
866. a-parajitah: He Who is invincible.
867. sarva-sahah: The Supporter of all the other deities.
868. niyanta: He Who directs.
869. niyamah: He Who controls.
870. yamah: He Who is beyond yama or mrityu .
Shlokha 93:
871. sattva-van: He Who controls the sattva guna that paves the way for liberation
872. Sattvikah:  He Who confers the fruits of sattva guna
873. Satyah: One Who is well-disposed towards pious souls.
874. satya-dharma-parayanah: He Who is pleased with the true dharma practiced by His devotees
875. abhiprayah: He Who is the object of choice.
876. priyarhah: He Who is rightly the object of love.
877. arhah: The greatest Lord to be worshipped.
878. priya-krt: He Who does what is wanted by others.
879. prIti-vardhanah: Who increases the joy of His devotees
Shlokha 94:
880. vihayasa-gatih: He Who is the means for the attainment of paramapadam.
881. Jyotih: The Light that leads to Sri Vaikuntham and is self-luminous.
882. su-rucih: He of lovely effulgence
883. huta-bhug-vibhuh: He that is the Bright Fortnight of the Moon.
884. ravih: The Sun with his brilliance.
885. virocanah: He of various splendors – such as Sun, moon, day, night, etc.
886. suryah: One who generates Sri or brilliance in surya or agni.
887. Savita: He Who produces or brings life in the form of the Sun.
888. ravi-locanah: He Who illuminates.
Shlokha 95:
889. ananta-huta-bhug-bhokta: He Who is indra and brahma
890. sukha-dah: The Giver of Bliss to His devotees.
891. naika-dah: The Giver of many things
892. agra-jah: He Who manifests in front of the mukta-s.
893. a-nir-vinnah: He Who is not tired of fulfilling the wishes of His devotees.
894. sada-marshI: He Who is ever patient
895. lokadhishthanam: The Support of all the worlds.
896. adbhutah: He Who is extremely wonderful.
Shlokha 96:
897. sanat: The Object of enjoyment.
898. sanatana-tamah: The Most Ancient.
899. kapilah: He Who is of beautiful complexion.
900. kapir-avyayah: He Who enjoys the never-diminishing Bliss.
901. svasti-dah: The Giver of Auspiciousness.
902. svasti-krt: The Doer of good to the devotees.
903. svasti: He Who is Auspiciousness.
904. svasti-bhuk: The Protector of all that is auspicious. 
905. svasti-dakshinah: He Who gives auspicious things as dakshina to his devotees. 
Shlokha 97:
906. a-raudrah: He Who is not driven to anger easily.
907. Kundali: He Who is bedecked with beautiful ear-rings.
908. cakrI: One with the Discus in His arm.
909. vikrami: He Who has great prowess.
910. urjita-sasanah: He of inviolable commands.
911. sabdatigah: He Who is beyond words.
912. sabda-sahah: He Who shoulders the burden
913. sisirah: He Who rushed to render help.
914. sarvari-karah: He Who had the destructive weapons in his hands.
Shlokha 98:
915. a-krurah: He Who was not cruel.
916. pesalah: He Who is charming and soft
917. dakshath: He Who removes evil elements very quickly
918. dakshinah: He Who is pleasing and amiable.
919. kshaminam-varah: The foremost in bearing the burden of protection of His devotees
920. vidvat-tamah: The Best among those who know what to do.
921.  vita-bhayah: He because of Whom fear is dispelled.
922. punya-sravana-kIrtanah: He Whose nama sravanam and kirtanam are purifying.
Shlokha 99:
923. uttaranah: He Who lifts up.
924. dushkrti-ha: He Who slays the evil-doers
925. punyah: The Purifier.
926. dus_svapna-nasanah: The Remover of evil dreams.
927. vIra-ha: He Who is most powerful.
928. rakshanah: The Savior.
929. santah: He Who makes those who have sought refuge in Him prosper.
930. jivanah: The Life-Giver.
931. paryavasthitah: He Who stands beside.
Shlokha 100:
932. ananta-rupah: He of infinite Forms.
933. ananta-srih: He of infinite wealth, glory, power, etc.
934. jita-manyuh: He Who has conquered His anger.
935. bayapahah: He Who destroys the fear in the mind of the devotee.
936. catur-asrah:  One Who is skilled in all aspects.
937. gabhiratma: He of deep and profound nature.
938. vidisah: One Who can be reached from all directions.
939. vyadisah: He Who appoints the different gods in their respective positions
940. disah: He Who commands.
Shlokha 101:
941. anadih: He Who is not realized by many because of their ignorance
942. bhur-bhuvah: He Who supports that which supports the earth. Sky etc
943. lakshmih: The Wealth.
944. suviro:  Good fighter.
945. rucira’ngadah: He Who bestows His lovely form for His devotees to enjoy.
946. jananah: The Creator.
947. jana-janmadih: He Who is the root cause of all beings
948. bhimah: He Who is frightful to those who do not follow dharma.
949. bhima-parakramya: one who is the all powerful figher.
Shlokha 102:
950. Aadhaaranilayah: One who is the fundamental sustainer
951. Adhaataa: Above whom there is no other to control or to command
952. Pushpahaasah: He who shines like an opening flower.
953. Prajaagarah: Ever-Awaked -He who knows no sleep
954. Oordhvagah: One who walks the path of truth
955. Satpaatacharah: One who walks the path of truth.
956. Praanadah: One who gives ‘Praana’ to all.
957. Pranavah: One who is The Infinite reality is indicated by ‘OM’ in the Vedas.
958. Panah: The supreme Manager of the universe.
Shlokha 103:
959. Pramaanam: He whose very form is the Vedas
960. Praananilayah: He in whom all praanas stand established.
961. Praana-brit: He who rules over all Praanas
 962. Praana-jeevanah: He who maintains the life-birth in all living creatures
963. Tattvam: He who isthe Reality that which is eternal
964. Tattvavit: One who has realized fully the reality.
965. Ekaatmaa: Supersoul in the universe.
966. Janma-mrityu-jaraa-atigah: One who has no change or modifications in Himself
Shlokha 104:
967. Bhoor-bhuvas-svas-taruh: One who nurtures the the three lokas.
968. Tarrah: One who helps all to cross -over
969. Savitaa: Hewho is the eternal father of the entire Universe.
970. Pra-pitaamahah: He who is the father of even the Father of all Beings
971. Yajnah: One whose very nature is yajna.
972. Yajna-patih: The lord of all yajnas
973. Yajvaa: The one who performs Yajna according to the strict prescriptions laid down in Vedas.
974. Yajnaangah: One whose limbs are employed in Yajna.
975. Yajna-vaahanah: One who fulfils Yajnas
Shlokha 105:
976. Yajna-bhrit: the ruler of the Yajnas
977. Yajna-Krit: One who performs Yajna
978. Yajnee: One who is constant ‘Enjoyer’ of the perpetual Yajnas
979. Yajnee: All that is offered into the sacred Fire during a Yajna
980. Yajna-saadhanah: One who fulfills all Yajnas.
981. Yajnaantakrit: One who performs the last act in all Yajnas.
982. yagna-guhyam: One who is the most profound truth to be realised in all yajnas
983. Annam: One who has himself become the food
984. Annaadah: Onewho eats the food.
Shlokha 106:–
985. Aatma-yohin: One who is himself the material cause
986. Svayam-jaatah: One who is the lord of the universe
987. Vai-Khaanah: The one who dug through the earth
988. saama-gaayanah: One who signs the Saama-songs
989. Devakeenandhanah: He who was born to Devakee in his Incarnation as Krishna
990. Srashtaa: One who creates
991. Kshiteesah: One who is the lord of the earth.
992. Paapa-naasanah: meditating upon whom, all vaasanaas are liquidated.
Shlokha 107:
993. Samkha-bhrit: One who has the divine conch named Paanchajanya
994. Nandakee: The lord’s sword is called Nandaka.
995. Chakree: one who carries the discus called Sudarsana.
996. Saarnga-dhanvaa: One who aims his unerring bow called Saarnga
997. Gadda-dharah: One who holds his divine club (Mace) celebrated as Kaumodakee
998. Rathanga-paanih: One who has the wheel of the chariot as his weapon.
999. Akshobhyah: One who cannot be exasperated by anyone
1000. Sarva-praharanaayudhah: He who has all implements for all kinds of assault and fight.
Sloka 108
Vanamalee gadhee sarnghee Sanghee Chakree ca nandaki |
Sreemaan NaarayaNo VishnurVasuDevOabhirakshathu ||
Sree VasuDeVoabhirakshathu Om Nama: ithi |   

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Toli Ekadashi quotes Greetings wishes wallpapers images pictures in telugu,Toli Ekadashi quotes Greetings wishes wallpapers images pictures in telugu,Toli Ekadashi wallpapers in telugu,Best Toli Ekadshi Greetings in telugu,Top Ekadashi Quotes with imges,Lord shri Maha Vishnu Images,Toli Ekadashi greetings,Toli Ekadasi Wishes and Greetings in Telugu with Lakshminarayana hd wallpapers,Telugu language Tholi Ekadasi Images and Greetings, Best Tholi Ekadasi Images and Cool Greetings, Laxmi Narayana Toli Ekadasi Telugu Images, Best Toli Ekadasi Best pictures and nice Images, Toli Ekadasi Quotations Online,Lord Lakshminarayana hd wallpapers,Lakshminarayana stotrams

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